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The Ohio State University- Mansfield

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Principal Investigators: Andrea Murphy


Primary Institution: The Ohio State University- Mansfield


Project description

Twice-Exceptional students are students who are both gifted and have a disability. This

complexity causes a difficulty in schools when assessing and subsequently referring these

unique students for services. Often times only one, or at some instances none, of the

exceptionalities are identified and provided services. This study is being performed to gauge the

knowledge and understanding of these students by teachers in early childhood classroom in

Mansfield City Schools. It is estimated that this study will take approximately two months to

complete the data collection and statistics. It is the hope of the researcher to gain a better

understanding of how to assist teachers in the classroom on correctly identifying, assessing,

and referring these students in the future.



I am a first year senior, currently enrolled in the Early Childhood Licensure co-hort scheduled to

graduate in 2016. My interest in this research began as a research paper on twice-exceptional

students for a class, but quickly evolved due to my personal investment in the research. I

currently have a twice-exceptional student at home and am aware of the complexity of his

exceptionalities and how difficult it has been in the classroom for him. It is my hope that the

research I am doing will one day help him and students like him find their perfect fit in the



Expected project outcomes

I am currently scheduled to present my in-progress research at the EHE conference on the Ohio

State University-Columbus campus on January 29, 2015. It is my hope to then present this

research at the Denman, and hopefully publish it in an undergraduate research journal.  I also

am hoping to work closely with the superintendent of Mansfield City Schools to find and

encourage resources and training for teachers on twice-exceptional students.




Printing costs $100

Packet Portfolios $50

Conferences: $300 

Student Travel:

Prospect Elementary School (Data Collection) $25

Sherman Elementary School (Data Collection) $25

Woodland Elementary School (Data Collection) $25

The Ohio State University-Mansfield (Data Collection) $25

The Ohio State University-Columbus (Conference) $50

Additional Conference Traveling TBD $400

Other (please describe):


TOTAL: $1000


Matching funds (amount and source): $0

TOTAL amount to raise on CREU:$1000


How will any additional funds be used?

To provide resources and possible trainings for teachers and pre-service teachers in the

Mansfield Area.


Creu recommends this proposal at the recomended level.

Reviewers Comments:

"A sentence on methods would be helpful." "Two months does not seem like a feasible timeframe to survey 5 schools and analyze the data."

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